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Why would you do this

YouTube is a marathon, not a sprint

Starting and growing a YouTube channel is great fun and it’s a fantastic supportive global community.

And as you probably know by now, YouTube is a marathon. Not a sprint and your channel’s focus should be producing high quality content.

However having a few subscribers will really boost your creativity and pushes you to keep producing videos over a longer period of time and ultimately helps you qualify for the monetisation of your channel.

So, what do we have in common? We are all passionate about skateboarding, making videos and chasing the YouTube dream.

One of the repetitive things that we do to grow our channel is searching for similar channels, subscribe to them and engage.

Therefore I thought it might be helpful if we could save a little time on this step and help each other grow. 


It's super simple

01. Fill out the submission form and I’ll take a look at your channel to ensure that only active and relevant channels will be included.

Your account will be included in an automated email sequence that will be send to everyone that signs up as well.

02. You will receive an email every time a new batch of 25 similar skateboarding YouTube channels has registered. The frequency is limited to 1 email every 3 days.

03. Simply subscribe to all the channels and leave a comment if you will. Everyone that signs up does the same thing and will subscribe to your channel at some point.

04. To boost the snow ball effect it would help a lot if you could invite a friend / someone you know with a skateboarding related YouTube channel to do the same.

You know your friend but someone else won’t and that person that someone else invited does probably not know your channel and so on, you get the point!

You can always unsubscribe from the list however we will remove your channel from the email sequence to make sure that we only have active participants.

05. We have recently created a Facebook group for skateboarding channels that you can join as well. Click here to join the group

If you follow these simple steps, you should in theory consistently gain a lot of relevant subscribers! 


Relevance and quality are key

YouTube is a search engine and community. They are continuously improving their algorithm based on a few basic principles, such as providing the most relevant information and keeping the user as long as possible on the platform.

It’s therefore important that your channel can easily be categorised. This is done by subscribing to- and engaging with similar accounts, optimising your channel’s description and tags, consistently releasing videos about skateboarding, adopting new functions and simply committing for the long term.

YouTube wants you to contribute to the community and they reward people that give more than they take. 

Having that said, this simple initiative is for those with a skateboarding related* YouTube channel that are in for the long run.

*Examples are short films, skateboard progression, skateboarding tutorials, skate park and shop reviews, gear reviews and so on.

We can only make this work together 🏆