Skateboarding community Côte d'Azur

Make new friends and find the best skate shops & spots!


This is why we do what we do and what's in it for you!

We are building a skateboarding community on the Côte d’Azur that supports and helps other members becoming better skaters, where friendships are being born and super cool events are being organised. Simply because we love skateboarding.

We have set some community growth milestones and most importantly, rewards for you when we achieve those milestones.


> 250 Followers*: Start Monhtly Give Away 

> 5,000 Followers: Start Weekly Give Away

> 10,000 Followers: Start Monthly Skate Competitions with money & hardware prices 

> 50,000 Followers: Creation of the official Côte Riders Team in which we will sponsor talent in this region

> 1,000,000 Followers: Building a dream skatepark (in- & outdoor) for the community. Free to visit for official members

*Followers on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. Whatever comes first!

In order to achieve these goals we could really use your support. So if you like and want to benefit from what we’re doing, please follow us on our social channels and invite your friends to do the same!